A Legal Outlook on Environmental Compliance with Tom Boer, Partner at Hogan Lovells

Hear Tom Boer, a Partner with Hogan Lovells, discuss the most pressing environmental compliance legal trends, regulations, and challenges facing industrial facilities.

This week Tom Boer, a Partner at Hogan Lovells, shared his legal perspective on environmental compliance during the Coffee and Compliance webinar. He shared his unique career path and discussed how his previous work at the EPA helps him with his current environmental law practice. Tom then shared his perspective on the most pressing environmental issues of the past five years and the impact on industrial facilities.

He believes that climate change has been the most significant environmental issue and will continue to be the biggest environmental issue for the foreseeable future. With the new Biden Administration, Tom believes that there will be an increase in federal regulations that focus on curbing climate change.

Finally, he shared some interesting statistics during the webinar. He stated that during the Trump Administration, we saw a decrease in civil lawsuits brought against industrial facilities, which could be due to an increase in cases brought against the EPA. However, with the administrations’ change, Tom believes that the number of civil lawsuits brought against industrial facilities will increase. 

Check out our full interview with Tom below!

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