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This week we welcomed back Andrea Sumits, Partner at the Environmental General Counsel, to share her insight on the Biden Administration’s likely Impact on EHS. Last year, Andrea shared her expertise on the CDC and OSHA COVID specific guidance measures prepared for businesses and employers related to the COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, Andrea joined us to revisit the various guidances as well as to provide insight on the expected changes affecting environmental compliance under the new Administration.

Although inspections may have decreased during the past four years, Andrea foresees inspection rates increasing significantly with the Biden Administration’s pressing climate change and environmental justice initiatives. Under the new Administration, industrial facilities with activities that fall under sectors such as oil and gas, recycling, and transportation should expect heightened scrutiny on meeting environmental compliance obligations.

Andrea advises facilities to prepare now by reviewing current regulatory plans, record keeping practices, and existing documentation for accuracy. Creating a structured system for communication and record keeping will be important, not only in preparation for heightened inspections but to support a successful transition out of the COVID-19 in-person restrictions implemented a year ago.

Check out our full video with Andrea below!

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